12 Bamboo straws, 100 cocktail drink umbrellas and 100 knot Skewers


212 pcs Organic Set for Drinks and Appetizers

No more chemicals and BPA ingestion! No more disposable plastic products waste! Now, you have a healthy option, eco-friendly. You can enjoy your favorite drinks or food, hot or cold while living in harmony with nature. Because our products are made from organic bamboo, reusable, biodegradable, healthy.

Create unique and colorful designs for any drink or appetizer. Great for adults and kids, use at home or, while traveling. Fantastic as gifts.


Great Value, Large Pack, Money Saver

Everything you need in one box for a perfect display at any event. You’ll receive:

12 pcs Reusable, Recyclable Bamboo Straws. Soft touch, premium-finished, wide diameters, suitable for any glass or mug. Beautiful natural color.

100 pcs Bamboo Knotted Picks, Looped-end, Twisted skewers. All of our knotted picks are perfect as appetizer picks, cocktail picks, hors doeuvres picks, fruits kebab, meat and vegetable kebabs, fruits on a cocktail garnish, hamburgers.

100 pcs Drinks Umbrellas, 6 Assorted Colors. Perfect for cocktails, fresh juices, milkshake, hot or ice tea, cupcake toppers, DIY projects

1 Cotton bag for storage or travel, 1 Cleaning brush



Product box: Box 8.1 x 4.3 x 3.3 inches

Bamboo Straws: 8 inches length, diameter 7-10 mm

Drink Umbrellas: 4 inches length, 3.3 inches diameter

Bamboo knotted Picks: 6 inches length

Cleaning brush: 8 inches length

Organic cotton pouch: 10 x 3.3 inches


Our goal is to enjoy life while living in harmony with mother earth! Together, we can do it! Click the “Add to Cart” button


  • WE RESPECT WHAT REALLY MATTERS IN LIFE – Our goal is to keep our family healthy while living in harmony with nature. How can we do this? Through the use of natural products, reusable, recyclable, eco-friendly. Together, we can make it happen! No more chemicals and BPA ingestion!
  • GREAT VALUE PACK, MONEY SAVER – 212 Pcs set for cocktails, juices, appetizers, barbeque. You’ll receive: 12 pcs reusable organic bamboo straws 8 inches + 100 pcs drink umbrellas parasol 4 inches + free 100 pcs bamboo knotted Picks 6 inch +1 cotton bag + 1 cleaning brush 8 inches + 1 thank you card + 1 gift box.
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS – Let them create a colorful display for drinks, fruits-kebab, or do individual DIY projects with cocktail umbrellas as cupcake toppers. Bamboo straws protect their lips, sensitive teeth and gums from hot or cold drinks. Picture their happy smiles and satisfaction!
  • PERFECT FOR ADULTS – Everything you need in one box for a perfect display, at any party. Cocktails, side dishes, garnishes will bare your creative signature using our hors doeuvres picks and drink umbrellas. Awe your guests with unique style! This set is your family ally for any drink or food decoration.

Additional information

Weight9 oz
Dimensions9 × 5 × 4 in


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