As time goes by, there are more articles that are made with recyclable material, this contributes to the environment and helps people to care more about the planet and value more the nature.

The key to creating good ecological articles is that it has to be something reusable and innovative. A reusable straw, a cover for those reusable straws, utensils… are a good option, and there are hundreds of options that can be achieved today.

The ecological articles also known as handicrafts, are now superbly popular, because today there are more people concerned about the environment and its care.

It is everyone’s job to take care of the planet that we have

That is why it is a good initiative to start making ecological articles to raise awareness in other individuals and thus join many more people to the fight for a better environment, in addition to associating your brand and your business with an admirable cause.

How to create a marketing and ecological article?

To make a gift respecting the environment? To satisfy a vegan friend? Are you looking for an original idea that is compatible with respect for our planet?  In this publication, we will try to offer you some ideas to create an original and respectful article with the environment that helps the expansion of your brand, and also to offer a professional and eco-friendly image of your business.

The importance of a green and ecological gift

We hear more and more often talk about organic products. Pollution, the exploitation of nature, violence against animals, the destruction of ecosystems and uncontrolled industrialization lead us to reflect on the enormous problem of the environmental issue.

We need sustained development and each one of us can, in our small way, contribute to protect the Earth and nature. A green article is an original gesture and much appreciated by those who receive it or even by those who buy it.

Only a small action serves to obtain excellent results!

There are many ideas of organic products with which you can surprise your customers. The result is guaranteed! These are objects made of recycled materials or eco-sustainable products. The choice is really wide, straws and utensils pouches, reusable straw cases, reusable straws, reusable utensils, disposable biodegradable items… Original ideas of ecological, green and cruelty-free articles with which to promote your brand or business.

Customized reusable straws

Since the prohibition of plastic straws came into force in the USA, many bars, restaurants, hotels, and companies have rejected the use of this article and have not been able to offer sustainable alternatives. That is why creating reusable straws with your brand’s logo is a great idea to offer to your customers, because apart from providing a sustainable alternative, you are promoting your brand and associating your company with respect for the environment. This is an ecological product that combines business with pleasure, since the customer can enjoy their drinks with a great ally for health (BPA free) and the environment.

The available materials are bamboo, silicone, stainless steel. You can add your logo, and choose from a wide range of colors and sizes.

The stainless steel straws are the most demanded, they are available in various colors, and in different diameters depending on the customer’s taste.

Straws and utensils pouches

We offer you a series of ideas that fit perfectly when you offer an ecological alternative to your customers, and that are outlined as the most used in these times.

Our straw pouch can be designed according to your preferences, you can add your logo, a phrase that identifies with your business and even choose from a wide range of colors. It is an ideal item to transport utensils and reusable straws and thus avoid the use of unique items, helping to preserve the environment, and remembering your brand to the customer every time he or she uses his or her pouch bag.

Reusable straw cases

This is one of the most popular proposals, since you can take this product everywhere, it does not occupy much space, it has a very light weight, it is innovative and striking, besides allowing you to keep your straw so that it does not get dirty after having it used.

We can customize them with your logo and make the size fit your request. There is a wide range of colors available. As for the materials, we have bamboo straw cases and aluminum straw cases.

Reusable utensils

Undoubtedly our flagship product, which is superbly popular among customers. They are not too expensive and can be offered along with your pouch bag. We have bamboo and stainless steel utensils.

You can add your brand logo, choose finish and customize your pouch bag.

Disposable biodegradable tableware

A line of sustainable tableware that looks out for the health of you, your family, and the planet. We make products exclusively from plants and we are on a mission to reduce the amount of plastics in our environment and offer high quality, durable, and guilt-free renewable alternatives.

Plates, glasses, cups, straws, lunch boxes, cup lids …and a long etcetera.

There are hundreds of ideas that you can generate, since you only have to have creativity and awareness, offering an ecological product you are talking about your brand as a company concerned about the environment and its welfare.

The care of the planet is fundamental and can be achieved by becoming aware.

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